The Business of American Courts in Kiobel v. Royal Dutch Petroleum

JURIST Guest Columnists Michael Hausfeld and Kristen Ward Broz of Hausfeld, LLP argue that the jurisdiction of US courts should apply to any entity that has a presence within the US.

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The NFLPA’s Potential Legal Liability to Former Players for Traumatic Brain Injury

Hackney Publications Launches Concussion Litigation Reporter, Providing Timely Analysis on Developments and Strategies in the Emerging Legal Practice Area of Sports Concussions.

The Case for Cooperation

A special supplemental publication of The Sedona Conference Journal.

Liberalizing Rule 27 in the Twombly/Iqbal Era

If legislative efforts to limit the reach of Twombly/Iqbal and reintroduce Conley’s “no set of facts” standard are not enacted, basic notions of fairness and justice require that Rule 27 be liberally interpreted to allow plaintiffs to seek limited pre-suit discovery.