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In re: Processed Egg Products Antitrust Litigation
MDL No. 2002, U.S.D.C., Eastern District of Pennsylvania
May 2014

Hausfeld LLP represents direct purchasers of shell eggs and processed egg products who allege that a near industry-wide price fixing conspiracy artificially raised the price of eggs over the past several years.

Hausfeld LLP filed the first lawsuit in the country alleging that a cartel of egg producers through the auspices of their trade groups -- United Egg Producers (UEP); United States Egg Marketers (USEM); and United Egg Association (UEA) -- engaged in an unlawful scheme to artificially inflate egg prices by agreeing to restrict the supply of both laying hens and eggs across the country.

Having survived multiple motions to dismiss by Defendants, discovery is ongoing in the matter.

In June 2010, the firm announced a $25 million partial settlement with Defendants Land O' Lakes, Moark, and Norco. And in August 2013, the firm announced a $28 million partial settlement with Defendant Cal-Maine Foods, Inc.

The Firm has been appointed by the Court to be one of the four co-lead firms responsible for managing this litigation on behalf of a putative class of direct purchasers of eggs.

If you have questions or information about this case, please contact Jeannine M Kenney, James J. Pizzirusso, or Brent W. Landau.  

Practice Areas: Antitrust / Competition


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