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South African Silicosis

March 2014

Hausfeld LLP has been invited to participate in precedent-setting litigation on behalf of South African gold miners who have suffered a disabling lung disease called silicosis. The cases have been  filed in the South African courts and United Kingdom courts and allege that the workers suffered uncontrolled exposures to silica dust in mining operations managed by Anglo American Corp., and other international mining companies. The black South African gold miners have experienced epidemic rates of occupational lung disease for several decades and continue to do so.

The litigation is designed to establish the workers' rights to compensation under the South African Constitution, and the  common law.  It has been estimated that one in four South African gold miners suffer from this disabling disease.

The first South African class action complaints were filed by Charles Abrahams with assistance from Hausfeld LLP in 2012.

For more information, please contact the Hausfeld LLP attorney working on the matter, Richard S. Lewis.


Practice Areas: Environmental Threats, Mass Torts


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Supporting Documents

» From the Gold Mine to the Courtroom - Toxic tort, silicosis and the largest class-action lawsuit in South African history (PDF)
» 2011.03.03 - Constitutional Court of South Africa - Judgment: In the matter between Makayi v. Anglogold Ashanti Limited (PDF)
» Anglogold - Attorney Affidavit of C. Abrahams (PDF)
» Goldfields - Attorney Affidavit of C. Abrahams (PDF)
» Harmony - Attorney Affidavit of C. Abrahams (PDF)
» Anglogold - Affidavit Dr. Richard Clapp (PDF)
» Anglogold - Affidavit of Jaine Roberts (PDF)


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