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Genetically-Engineered Wheat Litigation

In re Monsanto Company Genetically-Engineered Wheat Litigation
13-md-2473-KHV (D. Kan.)
March 2014

Hausfeld LLP serves as a chair of the interim co-lead counsel group representing soft white wheat farmers in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. These farmers have brought class action lawsuits against Monsanto Company now pending in the District of Kansas over its release of unauthorized genetically-engineered wheat.

Monsanto field tested genetically-engineered wheat resistant to the herbicide Roundup in 16 states, but the wheat was never approved for commercial planting and Monsanto halted the field trials. Nevertheless, Monsanto's genetically-engineered wheat was discovered on an Eastern Oregon wheat farm in May 2013. Nearly 90 percent of the Pacific Northwest's soft white wheat crop is exported to Asian nations, where it is used to make noodles and crackers. The discovery of the unapproved genetically-engineered wheat, however, promoted nations such as Japan and South Korea to cancel shipments and to refuce to accept imports of U.S. soft white wheat from the end of May 2013 until the beginning of August 2013. The lawsuits alleges that these import restrictions were financially devastating to soft white wheat farmers and that Monsanto knew that the existence of genetically-engineered wheat would cause significant disruptions in the wheat markets.

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