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NCAA Concussions

Chris Walker, Ben Martin, Dan Ahern v. National College Athletic Association
1:13-cv-00293, Eastern District of Tennessee
May 2014

Hausfeld LLP is counsel in a case brought on behalf of all former college football players, who did not go on to play in the NFL, seeking a fund to provide medical testing to the former players to assist in the early recognition and treatment of brain injury . Scientific studies have repeatedly shown that college and pro football players are at increased risk for brain injuries from the head impacts and concussions they suffer in their careers. The complaint alleges that the NCAA had a duty to the former players to educate them about the risks of concussions; to establish protocols to prevent, mitigate, monitor, diagnose, and treat brain injuries; and to offer education and needed medical monitoring to its former players. The complaint further alleges that the NCAA failed to meet its obligations to the former players and these players are suffering the dramatic consequences of that neglect today. The case is brought as a class action. It is filed in the Eastern District of Tennessee. Class representatives Chris Walker and Ben Martin played their college football at the University of Tennessee, and Dan Ahern played at North Carolina State University.

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