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Yamaha Boat Engine Corrosion

March 2014

Hausfeld LLP is investigating claims on behalf of owners of boats equipped with Yamaha first generation four stroke F-Series outboard motors from model years 2000 to 2004. These Yamaha motors contain a defect on the "dry" side of the exhaust cavity (i.e., the area that is not exposed directly to water) that causes the dry exhaust component parts to prematurely rust and corrode, causing thousands of dollars in damages to boat owners. Unfortunately, even with proper maintenance, servicing and storage, boat owners cannot generally detect the internal dry side exhaust corrosion problem during the warranty period as it often fails to show up until at least 500-700 hours of run time, whereas most recreational boat owners use their motors less than 100 hours per year.

If you are a boat owner with a Yamaha first generation F-Series Motor from model year 2000-2004, please contact James Pizzirusso.  

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