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Capital Records, LLC v. ReDigi, Inc.

12 Civ. 95 (RJS) (S.D.N.Y.) May 2014

Hausfeld LLP represents the CEO and the CTO of ReDigi, Inc. - the world's first and only online marketplace for pre-owned digital music - in copyright litigation filed by Capitol Records. After the court granted summary judgment against ReDigi on March 30, 2013, Capitol Records filed an amended complaint adding ReDigi's CEO and CTO as defendants to the action. ReDigi's officers filed their Motion to Dismiss the claims against them on September 20, 2013, arguing, in part, that Capitol Record's Amended Complaint failed to state copyright infringement claims against the officers. Despite trial initially being scheduled for Summer 2014, the Court hsa not yet ruled on the officer's Motion to Dismiss. Hausfeld LLP attorneys working on the case are James J. Pizzirusso and Nathaniel C. Giddings. 

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Supporting Documents

» Amended Complaint (PDF)
» Final Motion to Dismiss (PDF)
» Opp to Motion to Dismiss (PDF)
» SJ Order (PDF)


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