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Bhopal, India - Union Carbide Disaster

Practice Areas: Environmental Threats Hausfeld LLP lawyers represent residents of Bhopal, India who were exposed to toxic wastes, which have contaminated the soil and drinking water surrounding the infamous Union Carbide Plant, which was ... Read More »

Genetically-Engineered Wheat Litigation

Practice Areas: Environmental Threats, Deceptive Business Practices and Consumer Protection, Mass Torts Hausfeld LLP serves as a chair of the interim co-lead counsel group representing soft white wheat farmers in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. These farmers have brought class action lawsuits against ... Read More »

South African Silicosis

Practice Areas: Environmental Threats, Mass Torts Hausfeld LLP has been invited to participate in precedent-setting litigation on behalf of South African gold miners who have suffered a disabling lung disease called silicosis. The cases have been ... Read More »