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Hausfeld Leads Former Players' Legal Battles

Michael Hausfeld has battled some tough adversaries in his more than four decades as an attorney: Nazi-era companies that profited off slave labor; Exxon in the aftermath of the Valdez oil spill; the Smithsonian for its use of indigenous artifacts; and even a school district that would not change its Saturday commencement date for its two valedictorian speakers who were Orthodox Jewish.

Now, many of Hausfeld's foes, and clients, are in the sports world. Hausfeld LLP is representing retired players in a lawsuit against the NFLPA alleging the union illegally negotiated benefits on their behalf, and is one of three firms representing ex-players suing NFL Films claiming nonpayment for use of their images. Hausfeld, 64, also is representing former college players suing the NCAA for allegedly profiting off their images.

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