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Hausfeld's Portfolio Monitoring Service

More than Monitoring – Peace of Mind

In connection with its securities practice, Hausfeld LLP offers a free portfolio monitoring service to public and private investment funds, Taft-Hartley pension plans, and other institutional investors. This client-tailored monitoring service allows us to alert our clients to potential fraud affecting their investments.

What is it?

Hausfeld's Portfolio Monitoring Service tracks substantial market movements, U.S. securities fraud litigation, pending litigation and settlements and cross-references them with your investments. We use cutting-edge monitoring software and in-house financial analysis, accounting and investigation expertise, which permit us to monitor our clients' investments efficiently without disruption to our clients' business. If an investor has sustained material losses as a result of a stock's price decline caused by the disclosure of fraud, we provide a detailed analysis of potential claims -- including advice on the range of possible litigation strategies. You will know what your litigation options are, and be adequately informed to make your decision as to which option to pursue, if any.

Why Hausfeld?

Hausfeld will work with you. Rather than simply offering a barrage of emails alerting you to market losses, Hausfeld's monitoring program is tailored to meet your needs. Hausfeld's dedicated team of attorneys and staff will work with you to determine what matters should be brought to your attention and in what format.

Hausfeld will work for you. Hausfeld's attorneys and dedicated staff recognize the demands of securities litigation on investor plaintiffs. If you are a potential lead plaintiff, Hausfeld's attorneys will work with you to give you the best possible advice as to whether seeking lead plaintiff status would be in your best interests.

For more information about Hausfeld's no cost or obligation portfolio monitoring service, contact us.