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Commercial Contingency

Hausfeld realizes that there are many ways where businesses can be seriously harmed in commercial settings, and we want to assist those clients. However, the standard hourly legal fee model can effectively price companies out of pursuing legitimate claims. Hausfeld offers alternative billing arrangements for such instances, offering top legal services on a success fee basis.

Hausfeld is trusted by businesses and federal judges to lead large and complex litigation. Over 30 times since 2008, U.S. federal courts have trusted Hausfeld lawyers to prosecute these cases on a contingency basis. Individual clients can harness the same lawyers on the same basis. Hausfeld often represents business clients on a contingency basis, not charging a fee unless and until the firm recovers for the company. Hausfeld also harnesses its tremendous negotiation expertise on behalf of its commercial clients to develop creative solutions that attempt to resolve disputes quickly, permanently, and cost-effectively. And if not, we are able to go the distance in litigation. Hausfeld has the resources and experience to take on cases of any magnitude, and in any context - be it in a federal or state court, settlement negotiations, or in arbitral or judicial proceedings in jurisdictions around the globe.

Hausfeld's commercial litigation practice acepts cases involving, among other things:

  •     Antitrust
  •     Breach of Contract
  •     Commercial Litigation
  •     Fraudulent Marketing of Products and Services
  •     Franchise Sales and Marketing
  •     Intellectual Property

Hausfeld's commercial contingency practice reflects our willingness to share in the risks of litigation with our clients and aligns our interests with our clients: we win when our clients win. To contact Hausfeld about U.S. commercial contingency representation, click here.

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