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More than 90% of the world’s information is now created and stored electronically, a reality that litigators can no longer ignore. Electronic Discovery involves significant challenges: it can be expensive and involves ever-changing technology and techniques. But done right, e-Discovery offers enormous potential to litigants and lawyers.

Harvesting e-Discovery technology and avoiding its landmines requires the experience and sophistication provided by Hausfeld’s team. Our attorneys are pioneers in the field. We have been involved with document review and records management in complex litigation for decades. Our attorneys stand at the forefront of electronic discovery policy through their leadership in The Sedona Conference®, the Georgetown University Law Center's Advanced E-Discovery Institute, and other leading think tanks. Our attorneys write and speak frequently on e-discovery topics domestically and abroad. Our knowledge spans decades, not years.

As a result, Hausfeld’s attorneys are prepared when called upon to provide solutions to our clients’ e-Discovery needs. Electronic discovery is here to stay. Hausfeld’s e-Discovery Team will help ensure that our clients obtain the relevant data for litigation as economically and efficiently as possible. We provide a wide-range of legal services, including:

  • Preservation planning and negotiating preservation issues with opposing counsel
  • Leading meet and confer conferences
  • Negotiating e-Discovery protocols
  • Appearing at Rule 16 hearings
  • Assisting clients in selecting e-Discovery vendors and platforms
  • Assisting with e-Discovery related document requests and depositions
  • Prosecuting and defending e-Discovery motions
  • Serving as expert witnesses on e-Discovery topics
  • Negotiating technology assisted review and other search protocols

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