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Intellectual Property

Hausfeld represents individuals and companies in asserting and defending claims of infringement of their intellectual property rights. Hausfeld combines deep complex litigation skills, including state, federal and international court and mediation experience, with technical knowledge to provide intellectual property owners with vigorous pursuit of their rights. Contingent fee arrangements are often preferred by the firm to create a full partnership with our clients to maximize the recovery. Hausfeld welcomes the opportunity to conduct due diligence of prospective claims without obligation to retain the firm.

Hausfeld lawyers have achieved notable success in representing clients in enforcing their intellectual property rights. These cases include patent, trade secret, trademark, “right of publicity,” and copyright cases.

Hausfeld lawyers have litigated numerous patent cases in the computer software and hardware fields, including cases against the largest firms in their markets, such as Microsoft, Apple, IBM and Oracle. They have litigated trade secret cases against Microsoft, MasterCard and others. Past trademark litigation includes Kellogg v. Exxon, Kellogg v. General Mills, and Kendall Jackson v. E.J. Gallo.

Hausfeld LLP is also actively involved cases involving the name and image rights of former and current football and basketball players.

Cases and Current Investigations

In re: NCAA Student-Athlete Name & Likeness Licensing Litigation
Case No. 4:09-cv-01967-CW, Northern District of California July 2009

UCLA basketball star Ed O’Bannon and thousands of former Division I men’s basketball and football players allege the NCAA violated federal antitrust law, by unlawfully foreclosing former players from receiving any compensation related to the use of their images and likenesses. 

A federal district court in the Northern District of California has appointed Hausfeld LLP and Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro LLP to be interim lead counsel in charge of consolidated class action cases raising antitrust or right of publicity claims.

Please click here if you are a former student athlete and are interested in receiving more information about this case.

Boundary Solutions, Inc. v. Care Logic, Inc.

Patent infringement case involving parcel boundary mapping.

Dallakian v. IPG Photonics Corp.

Trade secret misappropriation case involving beam couplers for high power lasers.

TriState, Inc. v. Microsoft Corporation and Adobe Systems Inc.

Patent infringement case involving document security methods to protect information stored and transmitted over insecure networks such as the internet.

Deominion Assets LLC v. Masimo Corp.

Patent infringement case involving multiple wave length optical sensors to measure constitutes in blood such as hemoglobin and glucose.

Ryung v. T.J. Media U.S.A. and TJ Media Co., Ltd.

Action by music artists to enforce their rights to their images and likenesses used in Karaoke machines.

Representative Past Cases

Burst v. Microsoft (MDL 1332)

Hausfeld LLP’s chief intellectual property lawyer represented a small technology firm (“firm”) that was developing software to facilitate the delivery of video over the internet. The firm had obtained patents and worked for years in developing products to promote video on demand. Like other competitors in the space, that small firm was pushed aside. But first, Microsoft explored a potential acquisition of the firm, signing a non-disclosure agreement and hearing the technical details of the firm’s product. With a quiver full of arrows, including patent, trade secret, antitrust and unfair competition claims, the firm pursed the case vigorously and effectively. The case presented complicated and leading edge issues of intellectual property and antitrust law. After over two and a half years of litigation, the case was settled. Microsoft licensed the firm’s patents and paid $60,000,000.

BackWeb Technologies v. Microsoft, Symantec, Sybase

Hausfeld LLP’s chief intellectual property lawyer represented BackWeb Technologies, a public company that had developed patented methods for delivering data without disrupting the users computer experience, including means to use peer-to-peer networks securely and efficiently. Its suit against Microsoft for patent infringement settled after numerous depositions and an initial mediation.

Implicit Networks v. Microsoft, HTC, Oracle, Sun, IBM, and others

Hausfeld LLP’s chief intellectual property lawyer represented Implicit Networks and developed a rich portfolio of patents in many areas fundamental to an operating system for a networked computer. Its suit against Microsoft for patent infringement settled after extensive discovery and a detailed mediation process. 

Cases and Current Investigations

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