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Hausfeld LLP Launches Washington, DC Office as Global Headquarters; Names New Partners

Global claimants law firm opens new K Street office and will provide conflict-free litigation services to domestic and international clients

Washington, DC (January 27, 2009) – Hausfeld LLP, a global claimants law firm dedicated to handling large and complex litigation matters for individuals, corporations and organizations that have suffered mass wrongs, today announced it has opened new offices in Washington, DC that will serve as global headquarters – and that additional offices have been established or are planned in New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco and London. The firm also announced that several associates have been elevated to partner.

Hausfeld LLP was founded in November 2008 by Michael D. Hausfeld, one of the nation’s top civil litigators, and is focused on providing conflict-free litigation services to global plaintiffs – individuals and organizations – in the areas of antitrust/competition law, human rights, product liability civil rights, environmental law and securities fraud. Previously, Hausfeld was a name partner at Cohen, Milstein, Hausfeld & Toll, and 17 of his colleagues at that firm have joined him at Hausfeld LLP.

“We have assembled a truly unique firm with the resources, experience and integrity required to achieve unprecedented results on behalf of citizens and corporations involved in large and complex disputes across multiple countries and industries,” said Michael D. Hausfeld, Chairman of Hausfeld LLP. “Our firm is singularly dedicated to delivering high caliber, aggressive representation for claimants that is free from conflicts that plague leading global transactions firms engaged on both sides of the courtroom, and the Hausfeld LLP team has a proven track record in achieving significant financial recovery for individuals and corporations.”

In addition to the new DC offices, Hausfeld LLP also announced that six Partners have joined Mr. Hausfeld from the prior firm: Richard Lewis, Robert Eisler, Michael Lehmann, Charles Tompkins, Brian Ratner and William Butterfield. Additionally, Hausfeld LLP has elevated eight Associates to Partner: Megan Jones, James Pizzirusso, Hilary Ratway, Andrew Bullion, Brent Landau, Steig Olson, Chris Lebsock and Jon King. The firm has also brought on two new junior associates and a law clerk.

With domestic resources in place - the firm has 34 staffers across its U.S offices – and a broad and deep network of global joint ventures and affiliate relationships, Hausfeld LLP is immediately positioned to represent global plaintiffs. The firm has been named co-lead counsel in 17 major cases since launching the firm in November, and has won every leadership motion in ongoing matters related to clients from the prior firm.

“Hausfeld LLP was founded on the belief that global citizens and corporations victimized by mass wrongs should have the same access to justice currently available to claimants in the United States,” added Hausfeld. “Global wrongs must be accountable to global rights. At the same time, U.S.-based corporations are seeking to not only have their interests protected domestically, but in every country they operate – and we look forward to assisting these claimants in global recovery efforts.”

Mr. Hausfeld’s career has included some of the largest and most successful class actions in the fields of human rights, discrimination and antitrust law. He was among the first lawyers in the U.S. to assert that sexual harassment was a form of discrimination prohibited by Title VII. He represented Native Alaskans whose lives were affected by the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill; later, he negotiated a then-historic $176 million settlement from Texaco, Inc. in a racial-bias discrimination case. In Friedman v. Union Bank of Switzerland, Michael Hausfeld represented a class of victims of the Holocaust whose assets were wrongfully retained by private Swiss banks during and after World War II. He is or has been co-lead counsel in antitrust cases against manufacturers of genetically engineered foods, managed healthcare companies, bulk vitamin manufacturers, technology companies and international industrial cartels; and he was the only private lawyer permitted to attend and represent the interests of consumers worldwide in the 2003 closed hearings by the EU Commission in the Microsoft case.

Hausfeld LLP Office:
1700 K Street, N.W., Suite 650
Washington, DC 20006

About Hausfeld LLP
Hausfeld LLP, based in Washington, DC, is a global claimants law firm providing conflict-free litigation service in the areas of antitrust/competition law, human rights violations, product liability, civil rights, environmental law and securities fraud. In addition to the Washington office, the firm offers clients global access to justice with current and planned operations in London, New York City, San Francisco and multiple locations throughout Europe, Asia, South Africa, South America and Canada. For additional information about Hausfeld LLP and its services, please visit or call 202.540.7200.


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