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Hausfeld LLP Files a Class Action Medical Monitoring Complaint Against the NFL

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December 20, 2011

New York - Hausfeld LLP, a firm known for its longtime support of former NFL players has filed a class action medical monitoring complaint against the National Football League in federal district court in New York, which seeks to apply New York law to the nationwide class.

The suit seeks national class status for medical monitoring relief for all former NFL players based on claims of negligence and fraud with respect to brain injuries caused by concussions received as an active NFL player. Three class representatives are named in the Complaint led by former Buffalo Bill middle linebacker and longtime New York State resident, Harry Jacobs. Jacobs like many former players is in desperate need of systematic medical intervention for appropriate diagnosis and treatment of cognitive neurological brain damage. 

“Unlike the players of today, older retirees left the game of football with miniscule pensions, limited benefits and no health care coverage and there is precious little time left for them to receive the relief they not only need but are entitled to”, said Richard Lewis, one of the Hausfeld LLP attorneys who filed the case.

In additional to the class claims, the complaint also alleges individual personal injury claims on behalf of the Class Representatives and their spouses. 

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