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NFL Retired Players Reach Historic Settlement

 Retired NFL players reached a historic settlement agreement to resolve a class action publicity rights case against the League for its use of the names, images, and likenesses of former players.  The settlement agreement creates a Licensing Agency that, for the first time, will market the group rights of retired players in conjunction with NFL IP.  The NFL has agreed to partner with the Agency to help retired players establish commercial opportunities.

The agreement also establishes a Common Good Fund, whose board of directors is tasked with representing the health and welfare interests of all retired NFL players.  The NFL will pay $42 million to support the efforts of the Common Good Fund, and has agreed to meet with former players on a quarterly basis to discuss matters of importance to the retiree community.  The court will appoint an initial board of directors consisting of prominent former players to run the Fund.

“Today’s settlement between the NFL and its retired player community is the beginning of a productive new relationship between the League and the people who made the game of football what it is today.  For the first time, retired NFL players will be able to speak with one voice to advocate for the health and welfare of themselves and their teammates.”  --- Michael D. Hausfeld, attorney for retired players

“Beyond the monetary value of the settlement, and the creative opportunities, the agreement affords the retired player community as a whole a means to achieve the level of respect, recognition, and well-being they earned and deserve.” --- Charles Zimmerman, attorney for retired players

Contact Information:

Michael Hausfeld  – 202-540-7146

Charles Zimmerman – 602-300-9707


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