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Current College Athletes Step Forward In Case Against The NCAA

Washington, DC (July 18, 2013) – Hausfeld LLP announces that the following college athletes have joined its suit against the National College Athletic Association (“NCAA”), Electronic Arts, Inc. (“EA”), and the Collegiate Licensing Company (“CLC”) as additional class representatives:

Jake Fischer – football player at the University of Arizona

Jake Smith – football player at the University of Arizona

Darius Robinson – football player at Clemson University

Moses Alipate – football player at the University of Minnesota

Chase Garnham – football player at Vanderbilt University

Victor Keise – football player at University of Minnesota

These current players join an elite group of former college athletes that are already class representatives in the case:  Ed O’Bannon, Oscar Robertson, William Russell, Harry Flournoy, Alex Gilbert, Sam Jacobson, Thad Jaracz, David Lattin, Patrick Maynor, Tyrone Prothro, Damien Rhodes, Eric Riley, Bob Tallent, Danny Wimprine, Ray Ellis, and TateGeorge.

The complaint alleges a conspiracy by the NCAA and its business partners, such as videogame manufacturer EA and licensing agent CLC, to license and sell the names, images, and likeness of current and former student-athletes without compensation to those student-athletes, under the guise of “amateurism.”  The defendants and their co-conspirators have collectively reaped billions of dollars in revenue from the license and sale of game footage, video games, photographs, apparel, trading cards, and other memorabilia containing the names, images, and likenesses of current and former student-athletes without paying a cent to those whose names, images, and likenesses were used.  While current student-athletes have always been included in the case, the players named above have joined the case as class representatives to address questions raised by the judge at the June 20,, 2013 class certification hearing.

Lead attorney Michael Hausfeld said, “These athletes are incredibly brave.  They are well-aware of the risks of standing up to the NCAA, and yet they felt that this was the right thing to do.”  “The number of athletes that have stepped forward demonstrates the seriousness of this issue,” added Hausfeld LLP partner Hilary Scherrer.  “There is a growing public recognition that the NCAA’s business practices are corrupt and must be changed.”   

Hausfeld LLP attorneys working on the case are:  Michael Hausfeld, Michael Lehmann, Hilary Scherrer, Sathya Gosselin, and Bruce Wecker.

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